Shakti Space

17-26 April 2024
Embark on an exhilarating temple tour where we'll do ecstatic and temple dance amidst powerful sites, unwind to the resonant sounds of bowls and bells, and engage in body therapy and energy practices to channel the spirit of these sacred spaces.

We will start our journey from Aswan and move up through the Nile to the Pyramids, activating the memory of past civilizations.

Our trip will be during the Spring Equinox - a time of harmony, awakening, increased self-confidence and the ability to shine for others.
What will our practices include?
  • Ecstatic and sacred temple dances,
  • Practices for energy alignment,
  • Deep meditation sessions,
  • Sound healing through the use of singing bowls, bells, and various instruments,
  • Rejuvenating body practices designed to release tension, fostering flexibility and relaxation for a joyous dance through life.

Discover the freedom to convey emotions with sound and movement, embracing self-acceptance and heartfelt connections with others.

Powerful sites along our journey will bolster your spiritual path, awakening ancient wisdom and light codes within you.

Majestic temples and the lore of Ancient Gods will guide us, forging a personal dialogue with the Divine.
Flight to picturesque Aswan, where the Temple of Isis is located. Check-in to the camp on the bank of the Nile.

17.04 1 day
18.04 2 day
19.04 3day
We go by boat to the Temple of Isis on the island of Philae. Practice - sexual magic of Isis. Create an intention for the journey.

We will have a walk through a colorful Nubian village. This is a very unusual Egypt. Bright colorful houses, sand dunes, lots of greenery and crocodiles.

Aswan - Luxor
Magic of Isis
Balancing emotions

After morning practice we will go to Luxor (3.5-4 hours by minibus).

En route, we plan to stop at the Kom Ombo temple, an ancient site where priests once sought liberation from the fear of death - a critical step towards enlightenment.

Upon reaching Luxor, we'll settle into a charming hotel, featuring a pool, lush gardens, and a unique, dome-shaped practice hall, all handcrafted from natural materials like salt and clay.

Tonight sound therapy in the domed hall.
We will visit the enigmatic statue of Sekhmet, veiled from the public gaze, where we’ll meditate and connect with this powerful deity’s energy.
In the morning, we’ll venture to the Temple of Hathor at Dandera, a sanctum of feminine divinity and healing, to immerse ourselves in rituals of renewal (transfer 1 hour).
Then we will embark on a journey to sacred Abydos, the heart of ancient Egyptian spirituality, where the Temple of Osiris awaits. (transfer 2,5 hour)

We’ll check into a "House of Life" and conclude our day with a nourishing dinner and evening practice.
For the ancient Egyptians, the temples of Abydos were one of the most sacred place in the world as the cult center of Osiris - the God of the underworld and resurrection. It’s about dying in order to be reborn and ascend in order to gain the integrity of the spirit. U can obsrve incredibly beautiful play of light and darkness in the Temple of Seti 1.
We will see the Osiriyon Temple, where is the flower of life is depicted - a symbol of sacred geometry, the basis of everything that exists, from the structure of a living cell to the structure of the Universe. There is a theory that Osirion was built by the Atlanteans.
After lunch with mystic departure to the ancient church in El Muharraq (about 4 hours by minibus).
Ancient Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in El Muharak.
Post-lunch, we'll transfer to Fayoum, a journey of roughly 4 hours by minibus.

Relax in an authentic villa by the lake, savor dinner in Tunis Village, and lose yourself in ecstatic dance.
We will be accompanied by Amir, a mystic, Sufi, and guardian of Abydos' secrets. Engage in enlightening conversations and pose your questions to Amir.
We will also witness the Singing Colossus of Memnon, two immense statues at the gates of Amenhotep III's temple, reminding us of the Pharaohs' belief in that is just one God.
20.04 4th day
21.04 5th day
23.04 7th day
22.04 6th day
Mortuary temples and necropolises are located on the west bank of Luxor. We will visit remarkable Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, revered as the 'Most Sacred of the Sacred.' It is a grandiose funeral sanctuary of the first female pharaoh, carved right into the rocks.
East Bank of Luxor
Ancient church Mother Mary
Bank of the dead
Connecting with Sekhmet, Mut, Serapis Bey
Connection with Osiris - God of Ascension
Connection with Hathor - goddess of love and music
Connection with the Mother Mary
Sacred Abydos
Singing Colossus of Memnon
Karnak Temple

This is the largest temple complex in the world and consists of 3 separate temple complexes, the most magnificent of which is the sanctuary of Amun-Ra.

Hathor, revered as the goddess of dance, music, love, fertility, and joy, embodies the essence of celebration and life. In her honor, we dance, sing, and embrace laughter, invoking her support for fertility, joyful childbirth, and healing.

Visit the ancient Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in El Muharraq. It's the oldest church in Egypt, believed to forever stand by Christ's decree. This sacred site, where the Holy Family sought refuge, has been a place of numerous miracles and healings.
West Bank of Luxor
Connecting with Hatchepsut
24.04 8 day
Our exploration continues at the Temple of Osiris, shrouded from the usual tourist paths, where symbols of life’s mysteries invite contemplation.
We will then stroll along the Avenue of Sphinxes towards the Luxor Temple and behold the ethereal Serapis Bey Temple, dedicated to the Ascended Master of divine wisdom and healing.
Which inspire
Olesya, Universe materialized all requests 200%.

Each temple was powerfull and expanded me, and also prepared me for the desert.

Because the most serious transformations happened there and that was the cherry on the cake.

I'm pregnant and a year later, around the days when we created magic, my daughter will be born))

I thank everyone for their great and invaluable contribution to me.
The trip was about self value and letting go old programs. It was about collecting parts of my soul, scattered in different incarnations, times and places. There was so much power and beauty, a lot of magic.

We had an amazing route, one that helped me remember myself more. I saw spiritual Egypt. The local wizards to whom you took us were strong masters, they further deepened the inner meanings and helped us directly come into contact with the energy of places.

Our group was like Noah's Ship:) We sailed into this ocean of sand of history and lived through it together. Such connection and synchrony gave warmth and a feeling of family.

You like guides was an example for me, which inspire me to organize such spiritual events. It seems to me that with your light hands I was able to organize two retreats this year. Do them with pleasure and even some ease.

Now I’m sitting happy and ready for new travels and retreats :))
Thank you, beloved and dear
My intention about my dream job magically came true two weeks after returning from temple trip, easily and very spontaneously.

And it was in the temple of Abydos that I saw my transition from one state to another, this gave me peace and confidence.

In Egypt I feel a subtle vision very clearly in the temples.

And this is also part of the unforgettable experience! (for those who always doubt whether I see or invent).

I'm looking forward to our new trip!
For me important was our “meeting” with the Sekhmet statue - most obvious contact with the Goddess.

When you simply feel her presence and metaphysical magnitude with your whole being. I'm still very impressed.

When we were in Karnak temple I went to meditate next to the mummification hall and communicate with the soul of my dying grandmother. I knew it was possible, but I didn't know I could do it.

My grandmother passed away 2 days later and I didn’t have the burden on my soul that she was being buried without me. We have already communicated at the soul level and said goodbye to her.
Our group was to me this amazing cocoon hosting different caterpillars. We did not know what type of butterflies we were going to be. And yet, it did not matter. We accepted each other just the way we were.

Today, I’m allowing and finding value in my eyes and heart to explore my creative and artistic gifts. And our temple trip has watered that dried seed, then many other experiences after our trip watered it more and more.

Now, it’s manifesting through underwater photography -freediving.It feels so right to me.

And I feel very much seen in this activity.
What it brings me and the feedbacks and validations I received are aligned and magical in so many ways.